Surviving the Fram flood.

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Tim Hall
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Surviving the Fram flood.

Post by Tim Hall »

Hello all,

the title is a bit of a misnomer because our little house did not survive the flood. The entire ground floor was under six inches of water, and despite what Gaynor might say, six inches was more than enough. We are going to be evacuating the house tonight, and it is likely to be six months or so before it is habitable again. The ferocity of the water flow has inflicted structural damage on the building so it's a bit more than just a clean up.

Sadly this is going to make my attendance at Ayton in November and possibly next May very doubtful, if not impossible.
For us here, life is very much in limbo, but we do have flood insurance so that's something. A lot of people suffered far worse than us, the water being four foot deep on some properties. On the plus side we were able to get our valuables upstairs in time, and move our vehicles to high ground, and at present no soldiers have been harmed in the event. Some small compensations. So I am unlikely to be around the forum much, or even online that much. It's all up in the air for now.

Cheers all, see you on the other side I hope.
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Grizzly Madam
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Re: Surviving the Fram flood.

Post by Paul »

That sounds like hell!
I know from experience what water damage can do (although ours came from above)
If there's anything we can do to help with the situation, let us know.

...and anything we can do to ensure Ayton attendance too, like taking the pressure off for putting on games etc... As you'll be very much missed and EB will have to buy ALL the wine!
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Count Belisarius
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Re: Surviving the Fram flood.

Post by Count Belisarius »

Shit. Sorry to hear that. Nightmare. Hope it gets sorted as soon as and that you can get yourselves settled somewhere in the meantime. Your absence at Ayton will be a loss but understandable. As Paul said, anything we can do, just ask.

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goat major
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Re: Surviving the Fram flood.

Post by goat major »

oh no ! thats terrible news :( hope you are both ok and you can manage to get things sorted (relatively ) soon.
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Re: Surviving the Fram flood.

Post by MarshalNey »

Sorry to hear this Tim.
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Re: Surviving the Fram flood.

Post by FreddBloggs »

Just... shit.

So is it time to build the Loose Ark?
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Re: Surviving the Fram flood.

Post by Peeler »

Bloody hell, I'm sorry to hear this. Anything we can do, let us know.
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Re: Surviving the Fram flood.

Post by Penda »

Very sorry to read your news Tim. Best wishes for it all being sorted as quickly as these things can.
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Willz the Wargamer
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Re: Surviving the Fram flood.

Post by Willz the Wargamer »

Sorry to hear, take care.

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Re: Surviving the Fram flood.

Post by valleyboy »

Really sorry to hear about this Tim, hope things work out as well as they can, best wishes
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