Trojan war 28mm

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Trojan war 28mm

Post by garyp » Mon Jan 25, 2021 7:53 pm

Does anyone have any interest in some Cutting Edge/Warlord Achaeans? I bought a load before Christmas and unfortunately they're just too small and slight to mix with the Foundry/Redoubt stuff I already have.
In all, there are the following packs (8 figures in each):
3x Late Achaean spearmen
3x Late Achaean armoured spearmen
2x Early Achaean spearmen (Pylians)
2x Achaean archers
4x Late Achaean armoured spearmen with diplon shields (Achilles' Myrmidons)
3x Javelinmen
1x Slingers

Total RRP £216. I'm looking for £140, including UK postage.
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