Ayton 2023 Day 1

Galleries from the Ayton Gaming Weekends
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Re: Ayton 2023 Day 1

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Ken half way though breakfast before anyone came down
Mrs Ney had a chuckle at that one.
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Re: Ayton 2023 Day 1

Post by BaronVonWreckedoften »

The forces of Somewhereistan, ably marshalled by Dr Phil (ah, THAT'S where the Hoover thing comes from!), achieved their objective of kidnapping some comely Memsahibs from the roof of a palatial building, guarded by an irregular European unit that was gradually reduced until it comprised just one man. But that one man was a lawyer, wearing a light coloured Safari Suit that would have finished the day without a stain on it.....had he not been cut to pieces by an entire unit of GM's fanatics.

The Troy game put on by Ken and Paul was fantastic (even more so than Ken's breakfast), as was the relatively brief DBSYW-itis game involving Ilkley Moor and Alex.
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Re: Ayton 2023 Day 1

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Corking stuff.
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