New Pendraken Website launched, with IOSS!

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New Pendraken Website launched, with IOSS!

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Our new website is now live, complete with a full IOSS system for our EU customers -

For those who might not be familiar with us, we have almost 8000 products available covering almost all wargaming scales and genres:

- The widest selection of 10mm miniatures in the world!
- Vallejo's Model Color, Game Color, Panzer Aces and Xpress paints!
- Red Vectors MDF scenery in 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm options!
- Over 1000 items from the excellent Litko Gaming Aids, always worth a look!
- Full ranges of I-94 Enterprises decals covering multiple scales!
- Handy Animals in multiple scales!
- The 6mm and 10mm buildings ranges from Battlescale!
- The Colour Forge range of spray primers and our own brand spray varnishes too!
- And lots more, including MDF bases, 28mm miniatures and scenery, tools, brushes, wire spears, books, dice and frames!

You can see a full list of all our products and relevant links on our handy Sitemap file here: ... ap2023.pdf

For our existing customers:

Has the site changed much?

Largely the website will look the same, other than a few font and layout changes.  You'll still find the same products in the same places and the checkout process will still take you to PayPal for your payments.  Your Loyalty Points are intact and you can place orders for Collection as normal.

Do you have IOSS now?

YES, the big news is that we now have IOSS available!  This means that all of our EU customers can place their orders and pay the relevant VAT at the point of purchase, avoiding all of those annoying handling fees and charges when the package arrives.  The Checkout will automatically calculate the correct VAT rate once you've chosen your destination country (or immediately if you're logged into your account).

Please note though, that IOSS can only be used on orders upto 150 Euros (around £135, excluding shipping) so if your order is over this amount, no VAT will be charged and you will have to pay the VAT/fees when the package arrives.  We have no control over this unfortunately, that's just the way the IOSS system works.

What about our details?

All of your main account details have been transferred over to the new website, so you will need to choose a new password and check that your address is correct.  If you have purchased from us previously then you should have received a notification email with a link to set your password.  If not, you can click the Forgotten Password link on the Login screen instead.

Unfortunately we were not able to bring over your old orders so those will not be in your account.  We have access to them here though, so just get in touch if you'd like to get them.  We also couldn't bring over any secondary addresses from your accounts, so you will need to add these as/when they are needed.

What about existing orders in the old site?

Any orders still in the system from the old website will be processed as normal and you should receive the usual notification email when they are shipped out (as long as the systems do their job!)  If you've not heard from us, just get in touch and we can confirm when your order was posted.

What else is new then?

There are several new features on the new website so:

- We now have some filters applied to most categories, allowing you to sort by Type (infantry, cavalry, command) or Nation, Faction, etc.  This is especially useful in some of the larger categories like WWII or the Spanish Civil War.  We need to say a massive thank you to FSN, Ian Shaw and John Cook for all of their time helping us assemble some of the attribute data.  We will continue to add further filters over the coming months, so get in touch if there's a section you'd like to help with!

- The Latest News section has been updated a little to give better organisation and make it easier to find news articles.

- The site is generally a lot faster and the back of house is much better than the old house.  There's also an API option available which we'll be using to streamline stock control in our shop.

I had existing Loyalty Points on the old site?

Nothing to worry about, all of your Loyalty Points have been carried over to the new site so you can accrue and use those as normal.

I had a Gift Card on the old site?

These will get transferred over to the new website on Wed/Thurs.  Unfortunately we couldn't transfer them straight over so we'll be creating them all manually one at a time.  You should receive an email when your Gift Card has been activated but please let us know if you've not received it and we'll get that sorted.

Anything else?

YES!  The new Blitzkrieg Commander Army Builder is now live too!  It's available through the header bar of the new website or directly here:  The builder has all of the current BKC lists available for you to play around with and create your own armies.  Completed lists can be saved, printed or sent to friends.  We'll be adding the Cold War lists later this year as well, before anyone asks!

The new Builder is the same subscription system as the old one and is priced at £10 per year.  If there's any queries or additional features you'd like to see, just let us know! - Now home to almost 6000 products, including over 4200 products in 10mm, plus MDF bases, Vallejo paints, I-94 decals, Red Vectors MDF buildings, Raiden Miniatures, Militia Miniatures and much, much more!
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