Valour & Fortitude Napoleonic rules

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Valour & Fortitude Napoleonic rules

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Our ‘go to’ set are ‘General d’Armee’. I like these for several reasons, not least because they have loads of detail that are redolent of the period.
When gaming with ‘Gd’A’, you *are* gaming the Napoleonic period.

The downside is the same – they’re so dense, it’s hard to complete a game in a timely manner. You simply must restrain yourself to 2-3 brigades a side to hold a game that will end inside a Sunday or a night time session.

So, a large game – a Show game, for example – utilising the huge numbers of Napoleonic figures we have, really requires something more streamlined.
I have been thinking SHAKO which, you’ll remember, we've used a SYW variant. Fast play. The original Napoleonic version of SHAKO fits that same mould.

I’ve just come across this:

The Little Wars TV group’s video on ‘Valour & Fortitude’ has caught my attention.
These rules are Perry rules – the creators of Black Powder. And are FREE from their website. FREE is my favourite price.
A QRS can be gotten, for the same price, from the LWTV site. And the rules are 6 pages long. In other words, over the space of a single game, we could all become expert. This is NOT true of ‘Gd’A’ BTW.

I’ve read them. They’ll work & work best with very large armies IMO. I don’t mind the card mechanism & individual nation notes which saves them from being utterly bland.
They will undoubtedly lack the flavour of ‘Gd’A’. There’s also a huge discrepancy in figures needed (infantry battalions of up to 36 figures) but I think this can be ignored & we would use our 12-20 figure battalions.

Any experience with/thoughts on V&F?

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