Mantic Goblin Army any interest?

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Mantic Goblin Army any interest?

Post by Paul »

I have a truly huge 28mm goblin army that I need to get shot of!
Time and space mean i'm having to move this project on :(

All is unpainted and includes some of their 1st edition metals, but most of the figures are either hard plastic or Mantics PVC resin.
The army consists of:
c. 200 Goblins including metal parts to turn the archers of the basic sprue into hand weapon armed "rabble" or spear armed "sharpsticks"
15 Fleabag riders (Mantics version of wolf riders)
Mantic bases for all of them plus extra custom done multibases by warbases (enough for 100 figures more)
2 War Trombones (yes you read that right)
and numerous metal figures
oh and a PVC resin Giant and (if I can find where they've hidden) some trolls.

RRP for all of this would be in excess of £250!
I'm asking £130 including UK postage just to clear the space.

(If no interest in a week or so i'll take it over to fleabay)
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