Space Station Zero report.

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Space Station Zero report.

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War Diary, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

Entry 1. Tardis arrives at an unknown space station, the Doctor is missing, likely somewhere inside the station according to Miss Shaw. The area outside has ancient wiring sparking dangerously, and some ominous robots approaching. Capt Williams R.E. and Cpl O'Shaunassy make repairs to the floor, rendering it safe, although they take some burns doing so.

The others see off the robots with ranged fire. Docking Bay now secure.


Fun game, runs nicely and I do like the dice mechanic.

I have 5 parsecs as well, but after watching tutorials I decided to try this one first, mostly as it seemed tailor made for a U.N.I.T. deployment or a Star Trek away team campaign, because of the way crews are built....

5 Parsecs looks like it could be made into a cowboy game quiteeasily, 5 ways to Amarillo.....

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Re: Space Station Zero report.

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Excellent stuff, pleased you liked it :)
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