Making javelins

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Making javelins

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These ones, the product of my 'arms' shop' are 3cms long. I think I got the instructions from a clever chap here several years ago. Florist wire, dremel etc. Since then, I've turned out many, many spears, lances, sarissas , kontos &, yes, javelins.

The latest output is in response to a solo Bronze Age game where my stalwart Sea Peoples (in 4 scary warbands) were destroyed by NKE archers, at a distance before they could come to grips. At 1/72 scale, there are several plastic & metal ranges of various Sea Peoples (Peleset, Shekelesh, Shardana etc) but all are sword/spear & shield armed warriors - medium infantry - & I need lightly armed skirmishers. The solution is simple - replace swords or spears with home-made javelins.

I have an idea of creating bow-armed Sea Peoples by using a simple head swop - if I can get the 2 specific boxes. However, I'm not sure the Sea Peoples actually had archers. More reading required.

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