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Count Belisarius wrote: Tue Jan 02, 2024 6:19 pm Optics are such a waste of time...
But they do look nice. :thumbs:
Kein Plan überlebt den ersten Kontakt mit den Würfeln. (No plan survives the first contact with the dice.)
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Hi Ed, very nice gaming space you've got there.
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big question though is....

what is the book like, this one: To Conquer And to Keep - Suchet and the War for Eastern Spain, 1809-1814: Volume 1

I have looked at it a couple of times.
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Re: New (ish) member

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TBH, I’m kind of stalled on this one. I’ve read the first two chapters and found them informative if not particularly gripping. Then came Christmas and I haven’t picked it back up.

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