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Re: Salute 2024

Post by tim.w »

Partizan is great. Lots of inspiration. I find its where you'll find all the games you've read about in the magazines being played in the flesh by all those who write games and more.

Never been to Salute but have known folk make the trip only to say it wasnt anything special. Once went to Colours at Newbury Racecourse and thought that was brilliant. I've found shows can change a lot over the years so I try not to judge too much on past experience.
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Re: Salute 2024

Post by Essex Boy »

Blimey.......sixteen quid to get into Salute (fifteen for the ticket and another quid for all the extra effort involved in selling you a ticket.....electronically). No tickets on the door, so you have to buy electronically.

As much as I like Salute, I'm starting to wonder if it's worth the money. It would be different if there were any decent pubs in the area.

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Re: Salute 2024

Post by BaronVonWreckedoften »

What are the car park charges like now? It would cost me about £40 return to travel by train, or £15+ each way + parking by car. Add in the show ticket and the overpriced catering and it's a lot to pay just to go shopping. There was a time when you would recoup that cost, and more, with all the postage costs you'd save buying your stuff face-to-face, but I'd have to go absolutely bonkers with the credit card to end up on top of that deal now.

Or, ahem, maybe buy a few Deep Cut battle mats and save the customs duties (they give free postage over a certain amount).
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