"Siege of Louisbourg 1747" Legionary 2024.

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Re: "Siege of Louisbourg 1747" Legionary 2024.

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Panzer21 wrote: Mon May 13, 2024 5:18 pm Looks splendid Willz and very popular!
The venue looks nice and spacious.
Did you make any use of the boats?
I think you need a few more inches of counterscarp towards the water (if you know what I mean.....☺).
Cheers Neil for your kind comment.
No I did not use the boats on Saturday not enough time to get them in.
I purposely left the counterscarp towards the water unfinished to give the attacker a tempting area to attack.

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Re: "Siege of Louisbourg 1747" Legionary 2024.

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A wonderful looking game, Willz. :-)


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