Gangs of Rome

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Gangs of Rome

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Is there any interest in a complete set up for gangs of Rome?
Two Painted Gangs
1 Painted Mob
20+ Unpainted gangers and other individuals
8+ Unpainted Mobs
1st Edition Rules
2nd Edition Rules
Nice lined bag for the activation gems and two sets of those.
A few resin bases for 1st edition (ie they take the blood drop tokens)
Other bits and pieces and some scenery
Looking for 66% of MRP for unpainted stuff and bare metal MRP for painted stuff but want to sell as a lot.

Any interest in a ready to go set for this game PM me and I'll do a proper count and costing.

(I like the game but I need to make room for the Venetian city and it's denizens that is growing in my Study!)
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