Pendraken's 2019 Releases!

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Re: Pendraken's 2019 Releases!

Post by grizzlymc » Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:49 pm

Post apocalypse, a Saracen would be just the thing for looting the mall.

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Re: Pendraken's 2019 Releases!

Post by Leon Pendraken » Sun Nov 03, 2019 11:45 pm

We've added a few extra troop types to our Elizabethan range! Commissioned by Forum member d_guy and sculpted by Phil, these provide some handy extra options for the later 16th century period in Ireland. From d_guy's blog: ... ommission/

"The figure styles are somewhat of a compromise and while they are typical for Ireland from 1570 – 1600, they are usable at least back to 1500. This means that to the most knowledgeable a few anachronisms creep-in for a few of the figures and for these I take full responsibility. The jackets (ionar) changed in style significantly over the 16th c and I wanted figures that could be fudged a bit with painting. I also wanted to be able to use these figures to represent Highlanders in the same period. The Gallowglass easily fit the bill and we have added folded 'plaids' (cloaks, mantles) which can be painted in a tartan pattern if one wishes. Likewise, many of the new figures can represent 'Redshanks'."

Elizabethans - ... 1560-1610/
EL11 Gallowglass with axe (15) £2.65
EL12 Gallowglass with sword
EL13 Kerns with spear and shield
EL14 Bonnacht with axe/sword
EL15 Irish pikemen
EL16 Irish calivermen
(Packs contain 30 figures at £5.25 except EL11)

And some pics:

EL11 - Gallowglass with axe

EL12 - Gallowglass with sword

EL14 - Bonnacht with axe/sword

EL16 - Irish calivermen

Greeks and Persians are next, not long to wait now! - Wide selection of 10mm goodies! - Vallejo paints, MDF bases, decals, buildings and more!

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